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Estonia, also known as “the Baltic Tiger”, is the smallest and most northern of the three Baltic Republics, facing the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland, and bordering to Latvia and the Russian Federation. Known for its beautiful and wild nature, Estonia’s territory is widely covered by forests (coniferous and birch are top of the list) and has a long, peaceful coastline.


Since the early 1990s, with the breakup of the U.S.S.R. and the re-establishment of national sovereignty, the proud and enthusiastic Estonian people has worked hard to change their society, and focused on making their country’s economy one of the fastest growing in Europe, thanks to heavy export (the Timber & Forest being historically a key sector), production units relocating from Western Europe, and a simple and liberal legislation. Worth mentioning among other things, the road infrastructure has been quickly renovated to reach Scandinavian standards, and free Wi-Fi is available virtually everywhere.


The cosy and now very modern capital city Tallinn is well connected to Helsinki and the other main cities in North Europe, and is absolutely worth a visit, with its Old Town being listed in the UNESCO World Heritage.


From a logistic point of view, we have safe and reliable transport options for exporting our goods out of Estonia. We work with selected forwarders who, depending on the country of destination and on the nature of the cargo, can offer door-to-door trailers, part load solutions, (curtain-sided) sea containers and more conventional open cargo vessel shipments. We are always ready to offer the most optimized and cost-efficient transport solution for the needs of our customers.