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…and pre-finished doorframes



Technical specification


Specie: Pinus Sylvestris from sustainable forests in North Europe;

MC: 12 +/-2% (deviations from standard can be agreed);
Finger-jointed and laminated (as a general rule each lamella so-called vertically finger-jointed);
Distance between finger-joints randomly between 150 and 900 mm (unless otherwise agreed);

Laminated components conform to European EN 13307-01 standard and pass regularly made “Rosenheim” tests;
Glue conforms to D4 standard (glues with different performances can be used upon agreement);

4 sides clear and defect-free, knots and defects may be hidden in non-face lamellas down to 12 mm from the visible edges;

All wood surfaces are planned, the scantlings as a whole PAR only if agreed upon;
Lengths up to 6+ meters, trimmed in the ends upon request;

Generally with semi-vertical grain on face-lamellas (full vertical grain can be offered on face-lamellas up to 98 mm wide);

A given level of heartwood content can be offered upon request.



FOR AN INCREASED QUALITY deriving from a higher insulating property of your windows and doors, we have also developed more advanced scantling solutions, involving the lamination with a layer of polyurethane foam between the redwood lamellas (insulated component) and/or with a face lamella of Accoya. This is what we call Face-Laminated Component (FLC).



FOR AN OUTSTANDING LEVEL of stability and durability, we are offering a laminated component of Accoya throughout.



AS A FURTHER LEVEL of added value, we can also offer complete and finished doorframe sets made of redwood (painted white or just primed).

From the top of our experience, we can even help you sourcing readymade windows and doors to your specification.