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As a special product area in our range, we like to highlight our carefully designed wooden wine storage modules, thanks to which you can build and organize your own wine cellar and store your wine professionally, no matter if it is for private use at home or for business in a shop or in a restaurant:


-Wine cubes

 of solid redwood or oak for storage of 12 or 24 wine bottles each, easily stackable;

-Wine case racks

 of solid redwood with birch plywood shelves, for storage of elegant wine cases, stackable;

-Wine softwood logs

 debarked, sawn to shape and kiln dried, for storage of 6 or 12 bottles and keeping an original, rustic outlook;

-Wine rack sticks and rails

 in solid redwood or oak, for building wine racks according to wall sizes or to customer’s wishes.



Additionally, we distribute a wide range of glassware (wine glasses and decanters) and other wine accessories from Italy for a full and tasteful enjoyment of your wine moments.


In case of interest, please, ask us for more information.